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MTV Roadies Season 1

Roadies 1 was the first adventure based reality show in India that was aired on MTV channel in the year 2003 from 15th August. Auditions will be held at various Indian cities to select the contestants for the show. The contestants then have to travel from one place to another which is usually preplanned and have to participate in various adventure tasks and mind games to survive from the eliminations which will be conducted every week.

Cyrus Sahukar presented the first season of MTV roadies. Several other VJs of MTV such as Cyrus Brocha, Mehnaz, Nikhil, Sofia joined the contestants couple of times and had interaction with them. Raghu Ram was the executive producer for the season.

Rannvijay Singha was the winner of MTV Roadies season 1

MTV Roadies 1 Contestants

  • Divya Shukla from Bangalore
  • Iqnoor Bains from Pune
  • Kriti Malhotra from Pune (entered the show after several episodes after Divya Shukla’s exit)
  • Love Boronia from Mumbai (entered the show after several episodes)
  • Mini Goel from Chandigarh
  • Natasha Gulati from Delhi
  • Ranjit Bajaj from Chandigarh
  • Rannvijay Singha from Delhi
  • Tony Kordolia from Pune

MTV Roadies Season 1 Contestants Photos


Contestant Divya Shukla’s father called the producer of the show (Raghu Ram) after few episodes and asked him to send his daughter home and had an argument with him during the conversation. Divya Shukla left the show after a couple of episodes and Kriti Malhotra replaced her as the 9th contestant of the season.

Popular Contestants of Roadies 1

Rannvijay Singha has become popular after first season of MTV Roadies, and he went on to host the next seasons of the show.

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