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Dance India Dance Season 4

New Jury

The fourth season of dancing reality show, Dance India Dance began with its broadcast in October, 2013. Offering changes in the jury, Dance India Dance Season 4 was judged by renowned choreographer, Farah Khan; sister of Vaibhavi, Shruti Merchant and the Dabangg choreographer, Mudassar Khan. The show was also judged by veteran dancer, Mithun Chakraborty as grandmaster.

Dance India Dance 4 Teams

The new judges recruited the top 18 participants into their newly formed teams. With Shruti as skipper, ‘Shruti Ke Shandar’ included: Manan Sachdeva, Meera Joshi, Srishti Jain, Sumedh Mudgalkar, Suniketa Bhore and Vijender Kumar. Master Mudassar headed ‘Mudassar Ki Mandalli’ that included: Dhiraj Bakshi, Nidhi Patel, Shyam Yadav, Sunil Chetri, Swarali Karulkar and Rishika Singh. Master Firoz was the skipper of ‘Firoz Ki Fauj’ that had Arundhati Garnaik, Ashutosh Pawar, Chow, Juhi Arora, Swapneshwari and Vicky Das as its members.


The Winner of Dance India Dance 4

Shyam Yadav from Mumbai took home the prestigious ‘Taqdeer Ki Topi’ as he won Dance India Dance Season 4. Only 17, Shyam also won a brand new Maruti Celerio along with a three year contract with Zee TV. The child prodigy, who belonged to Mudassar Ki Mandalli, had been performing regularly on stages as a part of Mudassar Khan’s troupe. He impressed everyone with his unique Bollywood dance moves.

First Runner-Up of Dance India Dance Season 4

Another child-prodigy, Manan Sachdeva from Karnal, Haryana lost the competition only by a narrow margin. Manan, only 17 years of age, was known for his urban dancing style. A son of a tailor, it was Manan’s simple roots and indomitable spirit that won him the hearts of thousands. A part of Shruti’s Shandaar, Manan showed his talent as he amassed the maximum number of votes in the first week of the competition.

Second Runner-Up

Biki Das from Kolkata came third in Dance India Dance Season 4. Biki was a professional dancer with an experience of nearly 4 years. He belonged to Master Feroz’s Fauj. Known for his clean moves and well-sorted technique, Biki was famous hos his hip-hop dance moves.

Third Runner-Up

Sumedh Mudgalkar came fourth in Dance India Dance Season 4. A young but talented Sumedh belonged to Pune. He got eliminated but returned soon as a wild card entry. One of the top 4 in Dance India Dance, Sumedh’s expertise lied in Bollywood, contemporary and dubstep.

A Power-Packed Season

The fourth season of Dance India Dance was truly a powerful one. Full of energy, the participants kept the audience spellbound with their intricate dance moves. Dance India Dance Season 4 ended in February, 2014.

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